Is there a professional trader in 50X developers team?

Every cryptocurrency exchange MUST have a PRO trader in the team in order to make the platform comfortable and increase its usability. 50X has a professional trader in its team. The name of the trader is Ivan Mityaev. He is responsible for all trading related questions like interface usability and trading features. He has huge trading and development experience. He was developing trading robots and he really knows what a serious trader or scalper needs.

But Ivan is not the only person who understands what trading is about. The founder of 50X - Nick Price - also has more than 10 years of trading experience. Though trading is just his hobby, he was able to collect a large amount of knowledge and experience. 

Developers are also going to run different polls to polish the interface and make it really comfortable. If you have any ideas you can always contact 50X support and share your ideas. 

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