50X Exchange Deposit: Step by Step Guide

This guide will explain how to deposit funds to 50X.com Exchange (former STeX). You can use these funds for trading or for purchasing A2A or STE tokens. Right now the exchange accepts only cryptocurrencies. FIAT deposits are not allowed. Developers are planning to add FIAT (USD, Euro) later on because this will require a lot of legal work.

Accepted currencies: 50X accepts a limited number of currencies. You can deposit any currency you can see in 50X listing. If you are looking for the full list, go to WALLETS tab. You can see all the available coins there.

Commission: there is no commission or any hidden fees.

The deposit process

Step 1: Click the link to visit 50X.com website. If you don't have an account use our Detailed Registration Guide to create a new one.

Step 2: Enter your account using Login and password. Go to the WALLETS tab. This is the list of all the available cryptocurrencies and your current balances.

Step 3: Find a currency that you wish to transfer to the exchange and click [Deposit] in front of its name. Pay attention: you must click the proper button. You have a unique address for every currency! If you wish to deposit ETH, click the button located in the ETH row. The system will show YOUR UNIQUE ETH address. The address for BTC will be different.

50X Deposit

Step 4: After you click the deposit link, a popup window will appear. You will see your personal unique address for the selected currency. This is the address you need to send the funds to. Go to your wallet and send your coins to that address.

After you have sent the funds, it may take some time for the money to arrive on your balance. Sometimes, it may take hours. Everything depends on which coin you are using and on current network loading. If the network is overloaded it will require more time.

If you don’t see your funds, go to the blockchain explorer of the selected currency and check the transaction there.

F.A.Q - Popular Questions

Q: Is it safe to make a deposit to 50X.com from another exchange directly?

A: Yes, it's absolutely safe. Doesn't matter where your cryptocurrency comes from. If you follow the guide everything will be fine.

Q: I have sent the coins, but they don't arrive. What to do?

A: First of all you should check your transaction in the blockchain explorer. There may be delays. If the transaction is still uncompleted, you need to wait. But if you see that the transaction was confirmed and finished a long time ago, contact official support. Here is a guide on How to get in touch with 50X Support.

Q: There is no commission for making a deposit, but I was charged anyway! Why?

A: Don't forget that every crypto exchange or wallet takes the commission for withdrawal. You were charged by the wallet where your coins were held before, and this was a commission for the withdrawal.

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