50X Exchange: How to Buy STE Tokens for Dividends?

This guide will explain how to buy STE tokens and where to store them for receiving dividends from 50X.com Exchange. If you don’t know about these tokens and about the income opportunities they give we recommend reading this STE Tokens page. All the details about the dividends are described there.

Primary or Secondary?

There are two types of STE Tokens: Primary and Secondary. Primary STE are more expensive and give the investor a higher income. Primary tokens receive payments from 80% and 20% income pools. Secondary are less expensive but give less income. They participate in 80% pool only.

So the first thing is to decide which tokens to buy. Let’s take a look at the prices for making this decision.

Right now there is no way to buy Primary STE because STE Shop is not working. You can buy only secondary. When developers finish the STE Shop the price for primary Tokens will start from 0.004 ETH (4 ETH per 1000 STE).

The price for secondary STE right now is about 0.00057 ETH. As you see, the price for Secondary STE is much lower right now. It’s much better to buy Secondary tokens just because you can buy a lot more of them.

Just compare: imagine you wish to invest 1 ETH. If you invest your cryptocurrency in Primary tokens you will get only 250 STE. But you can get 1750 Secondary tokens for the same amount of Ethereum at the current price level. As you see, the difference is huge and it’s much better to buy Secondary STE in such circumstances.

The price for the secondary tokens will start growing after the exchange is finished. So this example will be outdated in several weeks just because of price fluctuations. The example above is for demonstration purposes only, it shows how you should analyze the situation.

There is only one way to determine which tokens to buy: you must compare prices and make a decision according to your vision and expectations. Some people will prefer to buy primary tokens; some will go with the secondary.

Our opinion: if the market price for the Secondary Tokens is lower than 0.0025 (2.5 ETH for 1000) there is no reason to buy Primary.

How to Buy Secondary Tokens?

This part is about purchasing Secondary tokens for receiving dividends, so you can skip it if you are not interested.

Right now there is only one way to buy Secondary STE: you can buy them at the 50X Exchange directly. This is the safest way. We don’t recommend purchasing STE from other people outside 50X just because they can fraud you.  Don’t do this even if they offer a better price. Remember: you can safely purchase dividend tokens at the 50X Exchange only!

Step 1: Visit the exchange and Login or create a new account. We have written a detailed guide on How to register on 50X. Use it and everything will be OK.

Visit 50X Website

Step 2: Make a deposit. You can use any cryptocurrency listed on 50X. But we recommend to use ETH or BTC. Here is a step by step Deposit Guide that will help you with a deposit. We are going to use ETH for the purposes of this guide.

Step 3: Select STE/ETH pair in top left part of the exchange. You will see the market depth and price chart.

Step 4: Place a Market order or Limit order. If you are new to trading, we recommend using Market orders. You will get your tokens immediately and the price should be good.

Step 5: Now you have the desired amount of STE tokens on your balance. But that’s not the end!

You need to transfer your STE Tokens to STE(H) wallet address or to an external wallet address which belongs to you (like MyEtherWallet) for receiving dividends! If you don’t make this transfer, you will not be receiving dividends.

STE(H) is a special wallet address for Holding the tokens on your account. This is the simplest way of holding the tokens for the long term.

Go to PRESONAL CABINET -> BALANCES. Here you can see all your wallets.

Find STE(H) wallet in Balances table and click “Deposit”. You will see your personal STE(H) wallet address. Copy this address and return to balances table.

Transfer to STE(H)

Now click “Withdraw” in your STE wallet row. Make a withdrawal to the address you have just copied.

The commission for the transaction is 5 tokens and it can’t be changed. It may take more than 30 minutes for the tokens to arrive. Once they arrive, you are done. Now you will be receiving dividends.

All the tokens on STE(H) are NOT locked. You can move them from this wallet to your exchange account any time.

As mentioned earlier, you can also transfer your secondary tokens to an external Ethereum wallet address that belongs to you. If you do this, all the dividends will be paid to this address automatically. No extra operations are required. Just withdraw them and enjoy.

How to Buy Primary Tokens?

Right now, the STE Shop is closed. We will update this guide and will add the details about how to buy Primary STE for dividends.

Pay Attention: Don’t buy Primary Tokens outside of the official 50X website. If someone wants to sell his MyEtherWallet address with all the tokens this is a fraud.

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