50X.com Exchange Support: How to Contact?

This article will explain how to get in touch with 50X.com support staff in case of different problems and issues. Right now there are several ways to reach the support and get assistance:

Official Telegram Groups

50X has several groups for different languages:

All these groups are made for supporting newcomers and existing traders. You can ask any questions there. Admins or other traders will help you.

Don’t publish your e-mail in these groups because all the people will be able to see it. Just ask your question and the admin will request the e-mail in private message if it’s required.

You may even ask for an admin first and ask the question to the admin with a private message directly.


You can also reach the support by sending an e-mail to support@50x.com This address is for any type of questions. Just keep in mind that you will have to wait for about 6 hours before you will get a reply. That’s why we recommend using Telegram for getting immediate assistance.

Official Technical Support Telegram Channel

This channel is mostly for technical support and for reporting different technical issues and bugs. Use this channel if you want to get technical assistance. You can’t log-in because of an error? You don’t see something in the trading terminal? You want to report a small bug or request a new technical feature? Then this channel is for you.

If you are not sure if this channel is for your question then we recommend to get in touch with 50X admins directly.

Visit the channel here: http://t.me/help_50x

The admins or support members will NEVER ask for your ACCOUNT PASSWORD. They just don’t need it to help you with any question. They may ask for your e-mail to identify your account in the database, or other required details depending on your issue. But they will never ask you to give them your password and your current 2FA key!

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