Rebranding Alert: STeX Exchange is now

26 october 2018, 15:45

Hello my fellow traders. I want to inform you about a very serious news: STeX Exchange moved to domain and will continue as 50X Exchange. There was a full rebranding and now this project has a shorter and more brandable name.

There were several reasons behind this move:

  • domain was purchased by the competitors. These competitors didn’t offer any unique trading technologies. They just decided to get a piece of hype around our exchange. But the management decided to make a smart choice: they moved to a better name and now will get nothing.
  • A new name is short and remarkable. It’s safer because it’s short. Scammers will not be able to benefit from traditional phishing schemes when they replace one or two letters in the domain.

As you see the new brand is great. If you were following STeX continue following the project at!

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