STeX announced unique safeLock feature

31 may 2018, 17:19

Dear STE Crowdfunding token holders, In the preparation to the STE token listing and opening the transfers we decided to re-issue the STE token on the Ethereum blockchain mainly to increase the security of the long-term token holders and also for an easier accounting of the original ICO and bounty tokens.

Additionally, to deal with the hacked wallets and funds sent from other exchanges' accounts, we need a more flexible vesting system, which was implemented in the final new STE smart contract


Since the advent of the Bitcoin, about 10% of the total crypto assets were stolen, and counting.

SafeLock — The First Protected Smart Contract

We always pay close attention to the security issues and we are now introducing the industry's first protected token smart contract.

The main improvement will be a safeLock function allowing token holders to protect their tokens by hard-locking them on the smart contract for any period from 1 day and up to 2 years.

There would be no way for a villain to steal any tokens from your wallet during this SAFE period.

This solution is one of the 50X's innovations and is actually as good for the long-term holders as a cold wallet

The distribution of the final STE tokens has been done automatically and you already have the same amount of the re-issued STE tokens on your wallets or will receive it in 2-5 hours.

Please note that the token transfer function allowing you to transfer STE tokens to your another address without losing the 20% bonus is NOT available yet and any token transfers will result in losing this «original holder» status and the 20% bonus out of 100%. It will be introduced later on 50X.Exchange platform.


When you deposit STE token to your STEX.EXCHANGE account, it first goes to the «STE holding» account and keeps 20% «original holder's» bonus.

To trade STE on the exchange, you need to transfer it to the «trading» account but immediatelly the «original holder's» status and the 20% bonus will be lost for the transferred amount forever. All token info and stats will be published at page.
This news will have no effect on A2A tokens or A2A ICO process.

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