STeX Released Beta.4.15 Version

21 august 2018, 13:57

We have released Beta.4.15 version of 50X trading terminal at You can still use the previously released Beta.3.7 at Many improvements have been made, the most important being the multilingual support. However, it is still under testing and full additional languages packs have not been added yet, so it is advisable to use English for all trades and actions.


The action by clicking on the value in PRICE column in the ORDER BOOK now filling limit order form with the same direction (it was reverse in Beta.3.7), while click on Volume and SUM values will fill the REVERSE order(the same as before).

ORDERS and HISTORY tabs are now available in the main menu and have the sorting function for columns with the numbers.

Trading Pair selector now supports 1-click pair change (if you click on the second currency first) and contains adjustable buttons for your own pairs. There are also 3 last opened pairs, TOP GAINERS and TOP LOSERS columns(on the right).
You can use this drop-down selector as a watchlist.

You can set your own colors for the terminal in the SETTINGS tab, however, this functionality will be deeply evolving in the following releases.

Emergency 2FA bypass was added that allows you to disable 2FA for your account using SEED Private Key if you somehow are unable to get the correct access code from the Authenticator app.

The Log on the trading screen informs you about last actions with the orders, including trade events.

Full Russian and Korean versions are available, but it is advisable to use the English version for all actions in the terminal until further notice.

At this stage we are still focused on the functionality, so no adaptive or cross-browser support has been tested.
Please report any bugs in the CHROME browser, which is the default and is used for testing at this stage, to the multilingual group.

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