50X Cloud API For Applications: Create Your OWN Crypto Exchange

Are you trading cryptocurrencies but want to have your personal trading interface? That’s possible at 50X Exchange. Cloud API is designed to be used by 3rd party applications and has full support for account management functions, from sign up to deposits and withdrawals. In other words, you can use this API to make your own trading interface or even your own exchange. You can use all the power of 50X Trading Platform combined with your own design.

Link to the API: https://api.50x.cloud/

For trading robots, you should use ordinary API at https://api.50x.com (“Public methods” and “Private methods” sections).

Pay attention: accounts created via Cloud API can be accessed only from the same 3rd party app in which they were created. Also, the app can be used to access the accounts created from this app only. This literally means that each app uses separate user DB so it is impossible to login to the account created in another 3-rd party app.


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