50X Exchange Commissions and Trading Fees

If you are going to trade on 50X.com Exchange you must know the information about the commissions. The size of the trading fees depends on your A2A Token balance. A2A tokens are used for lowering the amount of the commission you pay. A similar system is used on Binance. They use BNB token for this.

If you are holding A2A tokens on your trading account you pay 50% less commission for every trading operation!!! The commission will be paid with A2A tokens from your balance automatically. You don’t need to do something special for this. Just hold A2A and that’s all.

Pay Attention: you have to hold A2A for at least 1 day in order to benefit from the 50% discount. This discount is for holders. The commission is paid from your active A2A wallet. A2A(H) wallet isn’t used for paying fees!

Here is a comparison table of the fees you pay depending on your A2A balance.

With A2A Tokens on your balance

Without A2A

50% discount for all trading fees

No discount

The commission is paid in A2A Tokens automatically from your balance.

The commission is paid in cryptocurrency you use for the trade.

0.1 % for the vast majority of pairs

0.05 for ETH/BTC and vice versa

Zero commission for any A2A/* pair


0.2 % for the vast majority of pairs

Zero commission for any A2A/* pair


If you pay commission with A2A Tokens the size of the commission is calculated according to the current A2A exchange rate. Here is an example: imagine you buy STE for ETH and you are eligible for a 50% discount. The commission will be paid in A2A according to current A2A/ETH exchange rate.

If you are a regular trader we recommend you to ALWAYS HOLD A2A because of 50% discount.

Moreover, A2A tokens holders will receive more benefits in future! Buy A2A now because right now the price is very low.

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