50X Exchange Safety of the Funds

50X Exchange pays a lot of attention to the security of users’ funds. The vast majority of the funds are stored in cold wallets. A cold wallet is the safest storage for any cryptocurrency and such storage protects the assets from online attacks. All the systems are encrypted and can’t be accessed without proper authorization.

The second very important thing that helps to keep the assets safe is double protection in the architecture of the trading core. The trading core has its own blockchain which controls all the operations.

The head of the programmers’ team said that the exchange can’t be harmed even if the hacker knows the password of the backend. The level of safety is very high. The developers' team has a dedicated person responsible for safety. The programmers have a lot of experience in developing protected business systems.

There is also one more thing we would like to mention. We have communicated with the head of the developers’ team a lot. This guy is a real professional. He knows about the crypto-security a lot. He pays a lot of attention to maintaining the highest level of protection.

50X.com is not just an exchange, it can be used as a permanent and safe storage for your cryptocurrency.

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