STE Tokens: Dividend Tokens of 50X

STE Tokens are security tokens of Exchange. If you buy them you become co-owner of the company and you will be receiving a share of the company’s profit as dividends. These tokens are a very good investment and they may provide you with a stable source of passive income in the future. There is no other crypto exchange with such a brilliant offer.

Most of the crypto exchanges attract only big investors. Ordinary people don’t even have a chance to invest in such projects. But developers decided to attract not only huge capital but also smaller investors. And you can be one of them! It’s a unique chance to become one of the owners of a cryptocurrency exchange.

Why is this offer so amazing? Because 50X is the first 100% publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange in the world! It will be sharing 100% of its profit among the STE holders only!

Profit Distribution

The profit distribution mechanism is simple. The first thing you need to know is that the distribution is not equal. All the investors, who purchased the tokens during the ICO or from STE Shop receive a little bit more than those who joined the project later. That’s because initial investors had to take bigger risks.  They purchased the tokens at early stages and that’s why they get a bigger reward.

The profit distribution consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1:

The entire profit is split in 2 pools: 20% pool and 80% pool.

Stage 2:

20% pool is equally distributed between the tokens that were sold during the ICO or from STE Shop and had never changed their address (so-called “Primary tokens”). This is the bonus for initial loyal investors.

Stage 3:

80% pool is distributed between all STE tokens without any exceptions. Thus, initial investors will get the income from both pools, while later investors will receive income from 80% pool only.

Payouts: Start Date and Size

When will 50X start to pay dividends? This is the most frequently asked question in all 50X Telegram chats. The answer is simple and straightforward. The payouts will start as soon as 50X Exchange has profit for distribution. Not income, but profit.

Purchasing dividend tokens of is similar to purchasing stocks. You receive dividends only if the company has a positive financial result. The same is about 50X. It is a cryptocurrency Exchange and it can generate profit only if it is used by a large number of traders. In our opinion, the first payouts may be in winter 2018 or at the beginning of 2019.

To calculate the size of the dividends you need to know how many tokens are sold. The maximum possible supply is 47 000 000 tokens. 35 000 000 STE were distributed during the ICO. 12 000 000 will go to the STE Shop and will be sold there.

Primary vs Secondary Tokens: What’s the difference?

If you have purchased the tokens during the ICO or from STE Shop that means your tokens are “Primary”. Meaning you are their first owner. You are the first who bought them from the company. Primary tokens receive a payout from both pools. Secondary tokens receive a payout from 80% pool only.

Pay attention: your tokens may LOOSE THEIR PRIMARY STATUS and leave 20% pool if you don’t know how to treat them properly.

STE tokens leave their share in 20% pool if they change their address. If you transfer your STE to another wallet or if you sell them on 50X Exchange and then buy back, they will not be primary anymore.

There is one exception: you CAN transfer the tokens to your STE(H) account on 50X Exchange without any aftermath. But once they arrive to your STE(H) account you will not be able to transfer them back without losing a share in 20% pool. So think twice before sending primary tokens from MyEtherWallet to STE(H).

Once again: if a primary token changes his address (except transferring to STE(h)) he loses a share in 20% profit pool. If a token loses his primary status there is no way to gain this status once again. It’s a good news for loyal 50X investors. The number of primary tokens in 20% pool will only be decreasing over time. Thus the profit per 1 token will be growing.

How to buy STE?

Right now the ICO is over and there are 2 ways of purchasing the tokens: from the exchange directly or from the STE Shop. Read this guide for more information: How To buy STE Tokens for dividends.

How is the profit size calculated?

50X calculates financial result as any other company in the world. The whitepaper says that the profit is commission received from traders minus all the expenses. The developers are going to add a special area where every STE holder will be able to see simplified accounting documentation. There will not be too many details but the investor will be able to see a lot.

Where will the dividends arrive?

The dividends will arrive at the wallet, where you hold your dividend tokens. But there are several important things you should know:

If you hold them on 50X account you will get the dividends there. But you need to hold them on STE(H) account for this. If they are on your STE account you will not get dividends.

 If your tokens are on MEW, the dividends will arrive to your MEW wallet. You don’t need to do anything special to get your payout.

As you see, if you are an investor it’s much easier to hold your tokens on MyEtherWallet.

What affects the token market price?

Fundamentally, the market price of the tokens depends on the amount of commission the exchange receives from all traders. The more traders use 50X for their operations – the better. Thus, every investor should spend some time for making our exchange more popular.

Can the payout terms be changed in future?

Even if 50X will have to change their operational terms sometimes in future, the core rule will never be changed: 100% of the profit will always be distributed between security token holders.

Will developer be receiving extra rewards lowering the overall profit?

Developers decided not to receive different bonuses. They left a part of STE tokens for themselves. So they will be receiving money like other investors.


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